A few words about Google Adsense

Monday, 2 January 2012
In my previous posts I have already told how easy it could be to start making money by bloging online. Blogger.com has set everything up for us to start earning money with Google Adsense in no time, but how to make good money with this advertising system regardless of the content management system.

Earning good money with adsense could be challenging, as far as your earnings are in the direct dependence with your traffic (people, who are visiting your blog or site). Traffic could be different; it could be either targeted or non-targeted.

We are trying to make the most of the adsense, so targeted traffic is something we should really work hard on. But every day it is harder and harder to receive good traffic, especially for free, the main reason is that the Internet is growing an a crazy speed-tempo, thousands of new pages and blog posts get published every minute, so your competition could be doubling every day.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular free ways of making money with a website and if earning with this ad system was impossibly hard, no one would use it. But the fact remains, Google has produced thousands of millionaires and tons of people are making good money by using this system.

So, how to guarantee your high earnings in Google’s ad system? Well, you need to get traffic and high paying keywords, even though it can take some time to find these things, but it is really worth the hassle.

I have several tips for your and they include:

1) Keyword and competitor research (finding good keywords is great, but how to know that these have high traffic and high paying keywords? – analyze the market you want to dominate, you could find great ideas on other people’s website, apply them to your blog or even introduce something even better)
2) Finding high traffic keywords with no competition (this could be very easy if you know your niche very well, I used this technique to generate thousands of visits per day almost with no work done)
3) Content (the rule that content is the king is still working no matter what others say, good, keyword rich content could both attract new visitors from search engines and keep your old visitors by turning them into your loyal readers)

All in all, there is no traffic with no work and seo optimization. You can write a lot of content, it will for sure get traffic, but without link building and other search engine optimization tricks I doubt that you will be able to get lots of visitors and no traffic means almost no money with adsense.